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About Us

About Us

Achill Island, Mayo

About Us : I live in beautiful County Mayo, in the West of Ireland and lead nature-based walking tours in Mayo and Connemara. Mayo is one hour north of Galway and Connemara, one hour south of Sligo and three hours west of Dublin.

My walking tours are centred in Mayo and Connemara, with one annual trip in spring to Poland’s East and to the South of France in autumn. I love to learn about trees, birds, mammals, flowers, history, legends and anything else to do with our shared heritage and culture.

Tourism Pure Walking Holidays offers sustainable tourism to rural areas of great natural beauty and interest. A registered trainer of the Leave No Trace outdoors ethics programme, I lead walking tours in a sustainable manner that does not damage the environment and its many inhabitants. I am registered with Fáilte Ireland (Ireland’s National Tourism Development Board) as a provider of guided walking holidays. I am a qualified Marine and Countryside Guide (with distinction) and am fully insured. I am also a trainer of the Leave No Trace outdoor ethics programme.

Come and join me on a guided walking holiday in the West of Ireland.

Je parle français. Ich spreche deutsch.

See you soon,
Barry Murphy.


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Email: info [at] tourismpurewalking [dot] com


Environmental Policy :

The environmental policy of Tourism Pure Walking Holidays is to pursue a goal of giving tourists memorable, enjoyable and educative walking tours in the West of Ireland, while ensuring that our groups minimise their impact on the natural environment, its flora and fauna.

Tourism Pure Walking Holidays offers guided nature-based hiking / walking tours, for small groups, primarily in remote areas of County Mayo and Connemara, Republic of Ireland.

Mayo is on the Atlantic Ocean, in the West of Ireland and is one of the country’s least populated counties. Our walks are on The Bangor Trail, a remote waymarked way through the blanket bogs and mountains of Ballycroy National Park, as well as on The Mullet Peninsula, the uninhabited Iniskea Islands, The Western Way, through the Nephin Beg mountain range, around Cong and several other beautiful places throughout the county.

It is our overall aim to provide travellers with a fantastic holiday, at little or no cost to the environment.

This Environmental Policy covers:

1. Waste
We ensure that :

All packed lunches are in re-usable and ultimately recyclable containers.
All travellers are asked not to drop any litter anywhere.
As a walking tour group, we aim to ‘leave no trace’.
Solid human waste is correctly removed from the countryside.
Liquid human waste is deposited sufficiently far away from water courses.
All raw food waste is composted.
No food waste, whether cooked or not, is left out in the environment.
When we encounter small scale waste (plastic bottles, etc.) on our walks, we aim to collect it and dispose of it correctly, whenever possible.

2. Conservation :
We distribute information on and inform guests of environmental damage minimisation, covering the following points:

That travellers make every effort not to damage the natural environment, flora and fauna.
Specifically, that travellers not pick flowers or other plants, break branches of trees and shrubs, intentionally disturb animals or their lairs and nests, etc.
That persons on our walking tours stick to the paths and not trample on plants.
That travellers take their lead from the tour leader as to where to walk and where not.
That travellers not leave the walking group to pursue their own path.
That travellers “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints and kill nothing but time”. We take these principles very seriously.
I am a registered Trainer of Leave No Trace principles with Leave No Trace Ireland.

3. Transport
We encourage tourists to come to Mayo by public transport (bus or rail).

Currently, I am devising new tour routes, where we will be able to cycle from one accommodation to the next, avoiding the need for a minibus.

While in Mayo, where possible, we use public transport. However, as Mayo is very rural and under-populated, this is not always possible. In this case, we use a minibus. As a minimum, we car pool.

4. Water
I distribute information on water conservation on walking tours, covering the following points :

That travellers not leave taps running unnecessarily.
That travellers only use as much water in showers as is necessary.
That travellers not take baths.
That travellers generally not waste water.

5. Suppliers
Where possible, we use only local, County Mayo based suppliers of food. Where this is not possible, we purchase non-local food from exclusively local-owned retailers.

We request the same from our accommodation providers. Our principal accommodation provider has her own vegetable garden, providing our groups with home-made soups and dinners.

All accommodation providers and additional local guides employed on a sporadic basis are local to the areas walked in. The boat we use to access the Iniskea islands is run by an environmentally responsible operator.