First Orienteering of the Year

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First Orienteering of the Year

I had a lovely day for the first Family Fun Orienteering event of the year, at Moore Hall on Saturday. We enjoyed a clear blue sky, on a crispy cool winter’s day, but with no rain.

Participating families had to find the ten markers placed around the woodlands surrounding the ruined house, but there was more. They also had to bring me back an oak leaf, a photo of a nest and tell me which bat is most particularly associated with the site.

The Lesser Horseshoe Bat is the one in question and I would recommend you go along to the ruined house on a summer’s night to watch the bats as they exit the window spaces in large numbers to go feeding at night fall. It’s a great sight.

I hope you’ll join one of my orienteering events that will be held at various locations throughout Mayo over the year ahead. The kids love it and it’s good exercise for them too!

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