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Leave No Trace

I was delighted to be able to take my place on a Leave No Trace Trainer Course at the weekend. It was fun and we learned stuff – a great combination!

I became aware of LNT over the last year and immediately wanted to get involved, particularly as a trainer. Leading walking groups to various remote spots in the West of Ireland and Poland (and, as of 2014, France), I have been conscious of not leaving traces of our presence behind us. But I wanted a structure and a “Cert” to my name would be even better.

Leave No Trace Ireland


LNT originates in the US and has at its core seven principles. They are :

1. Plan ahead and prepare;

2. Be considerate of others;

3. Respect farm animals and wildlife;

4. Travel and camp on durable ground;

5. Leave what you find;

6. Dispose of waste properly;

7. Minimise the effects of fire.

I like it because it’s simple, practical and clear. Really, it’s just a formalisation and, perhaps, modernisation of what is traditionally known as the “Country Code”. Thanks to Úna and Aodhnait for a good time.

Visit http://www.leavenotraceireland.org/ for more information on Leave No Trace in Ireland.

Leave No Trace Training

As of 2014, I have delivered LNT training to a variety of groups and organisations, including outdoor activity providers, scout groups and clubs of outdoors enthusiasts, e.g. walking clubs. Training is delivered partly indoors, but mostly outdoors. I use a number of props, to explain the principles of LNT, all in a fun atmosphere. Training for children and youths is tailored accordingly. I particularly enjoy the “leave what you find” and “minimise the effects of fire” modules. Learning to make a fire outdoors without scorching the ground beneath is a valuable lesson. Demonstrating what happens if we all go around picking beautiful flowers is no harm either. Great craic!

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