Mayo at The Adventure Weekend

Mayo, God Help Us

At The Adventure Weekend last week, we had great traffic at our combined Great Western Greenway stand. Mayo County Council’s walking development officer joined Tourism Pure Walking Holidays and Clew Bay Bike Hire on the stand and we attracted good numbers of enquiries.

See our stand below.

The main reaction we were getting was how Mayo is such a beautiful place, but perhaps underdeveloped as a tourist destination. I’d like to think we can grow, but in a sustainable way that is sensitive to our spectacular environment.

Mayo is blessed with really special landscapes. To me, our vast blanket bogs are a wonder of nature. Our mountains, while not that high, are fabulous for walking holidays. Mayo has great cliff-top walks, with huge views over the North Atlantic. Our offshore islands add a further dimension to the attraction of the county – they’re like another county in their own right, somehow even further west than Mayo itself.

Come and enjoy a tranquil morning sea layaking on the becalmed waters of the inner Clew Bay. Cycle at a leisurely pace along the Greenway or our tiny boithríns with next to no traffic. Come on a hike up The Bangor Trail and forget about time for a while.

Yesterday, I was up the huge forests to the west of the Nephin Beg mountains. I was just strolling along, taking it easy, when I came across an otter in a small stream. Deer tracks were around and I saw where they had bark stripped some trees. The cottage in the picture below was abandoned and somehow swallowed up by the surrounding conifers. The track that eventually reached the roadway from the cottage was covered in thick, wet mosses and under several centimetres of still, brown bog water.

That’s Mayo. He has helped us already.

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