Plea for Missing Dog

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Plea for Missing Dog

I received a request at the weekend to post this. It may already be too late, but see if you can help.

” I would really appreciate it if you could help me. On Wednesday 25th July, our Jack Russell Terrier vanished while we had just reached the top of the hill betweem Moyteoge Head and Benmore beside Croaghaun, on Achill. We searched the area as much as possible for two days, but there is no sight or sound of her.

Would it be possible for you to put a post on your website, so anyone walking in that area might keep an eye out for her. We are on our holidays & have to go home soon. It will break our hearts to go home without her.

If you can help me, thank you very much for your time. “

The name and contact details are with me, so if you see this dog while out walking around Achill Island, please give me a call or drop me a line, thanks.

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