More Walking Dates Added

More Walking Dates Added

We’ve had a good reaction to our first walking tour in Mayo for 2009, so I’m adding the following dates. Don’t forget that the first tour, Wild Mayo in May, is from May 15 thru May 17.

Subsequent dates for the Sheskin, Iniskea and Mullet three-day walking tour are :

June 19 thru 21.

July 17 thru 19.

August 14 thru 16.

Stay posted, because I’ll soon be adding multi-day walking tours of other wonderful, less travelled routes in the West of Ireland, to include the Ox Mountains, The Suck Valley Way and South Mayo.

I’m telling you straight – if you love walking off the beaten track (you know we’re not talking about Kerry or Clifden here !), then come with us. We’ll show you an altogether slower pace of life.

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  • Mary Mulqueen said on April 29, 2009 at 08:05:

    Please add me to your mail list. I am from Ireland, live overseas and return home each summer holiday with my family. We would love to get a group together and join you on your walking tours. Where do walkers stay when you run a trip, say, in Mayo? Is it up to themselves to get that sorted or do you organise it?
    Here’s hoping for a fine summer this year!
    Best Regards,

    Mary Mulqueen

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