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Up on The Mullet Peninsula Yesterday

I had a meeting on The Mullet yesterday and was in a bit of a rush to get home afterwards. However, I still managed to get over to Termoncarragh for a half an hour of looking at a few birds. The highlight were two Kestrels, one of which flew across the little road right in front of my car, at no more than 2 metres off the ground.

The Mullet Peninsula is a relatively flat piece of land jutting out into the North Atlantic, beyond the small town of Belmullet, in NW Mayo. Its northern half is dominated by blanket bog and nice medium-height cliffs. Its southern half, on the other hand, is lower and dominated by sand dunes and reasonable gazing land behind. The beaches on the southern half of the peninsula are among Ireland’s finest, with wonderful views out to the islands lying to the west, such as the Iniskeas, the Duvillauns, Inishglora and others.

To the peninsula’s east are the twin bays of Broadhaven (north of Belmullet town) and Blacksod (south of Belmullet).

It was another stunningly beautiful day on the Mullet and here are a few photos to give you an idea.

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