Outdoors Encounters Podcast - Recalling Wildlife Encounters during Hikes

Outdoors Encounters Podcast – An Introduction

Somebody told me over the Christmas that they listen to podcasts. I can’t say I ever have.

Then I got to thinking that I might try my hand at it. If for no other reason, at least I would learn about them, right?

It didn’t take me long to figure out what to ramble on about.

And so, my Outdoors Encounters Podcast is born.

Outdoors Encounters podcast

What I’m going to try to do is tell a simple and short story of a random encounter in the outdoors. Let’s just see how many episodes I manage …

You know I get out and about as often as I can, mostly hiking the lowlands, coastline, bogs and mountains of Mayo. I might recount an encounter with a bird, mammal or other. Recordings will be short to begin with (generally less than 3 or 4 minutes) and they probably won’t be particularly high-quality, but you just might like them.

Hopefully, they’ll bring you into the scene with me. More than that, I hope they’ll encourage you to get outdoors in search of your own wildlife encounters. And remind ourselves that our shared beautiful wild nature needs protection.

To give you a flavour, Episode 1 is about Otters in North Mayo, Episode 2 is about the Fox and Sheep in the image above. Episode 3 is about Beavers in far eastern Poland.

That’s right – they’re not all from the West of Ireland. Occasional offerings will be from Poland, France and Spain, which are the other destinations I bring occasional groups along to visit.

If you fancy a listen, my Outdoors Encounters Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn and Stitcher. In a few weeks, it should also appear on iHeartRadio. You might have one of these on your phone.

Here’s the Apple Podcasts link : https://podcasts.apple.com/ie/podcast/outdoors-encounters/id1493806164 

Here it is on Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/show/1I6BF7BRtcnALwqO67vBXj

I hope you’ll tune in, enjoy a brief ‘escape’ into nature and subscribe to future episodes. In case you know as little about podcasts as I do, they’re basically audio recordings and they’re always free. Apparently, people typically listen to them while driving or out for a walk.

The players mentioned above can be downloaded as apps onto your smartphone, via Google Play or the App Store. And if you enjoy these short clips, I’d appreciate a review on your app.

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