Walking Holidays in Ireland

Walking Holidays in Ireland

There are many great reasons for taking walking holidays in Ireland. Of course, we have the beautiful landscapes, particularly here in the west. We have the nice and relaxed pace of life alongĀ our west coast. We have the great craic in ourĀ rural pubs. But, of course, most of all we have the people. You’ve heard the phrase, “strangers are but friends waiting to be met”.

Walking holidays in Ireland

Discovering Ireland's Lakes

Walking holidays in the west of Ireland are about discovering our huge Atlantic blanket bogs, our exciting cliff-top trails and our offshore islands. They are about our mountains, although low at only up to 1,000 m, majestic and with spectacular views over the coastline all around. They are about our inland lakes and our tiny little villages, full of charm. They are about our pubs and the melodic sound of Irish traditional music that fills the best of them. They are about our lovely hosts in their special B&Bs and the effort they make to make all my guests feel special.

But walking holidays in Ireland are also about learning of our rural culture, our history and our tremendous Irish legends. They are about stories of battles, chieftains, churches and castles, about the land, The Great Famine and the struggle for independence. For many from the UK and USA, they are about learning of how their forefathers lived. For our continental visitors, they are about hearing and learning more of this fabled land that is Ireland. But most of all, it’s about the expereience of getting to spend time in our lovely land and meeting our people.

You’d be welcome.

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2 Responses to Walking Holidays in Ireland

  • neil @ said on April 5, 2012 at 08:40:

    I have never been to Ireland before and I do like a good walking holiday and from the sound of it it sounds rather good. plenty of forest to walk around, which i like

    • Barry Murphy said on April 5, 2012 at 09:56:

      Hi Neil,
      You’d be welcome in Ireland any time.
      Cheers, Barry.

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